Mesmerized by fabrics, pictures and the city streets, Natasa Pitra Grbic created her visions through her label PITRA in 2015 after her first dress was sold at a charity event in Melbourne which prompted her to continue her passion.

Studying in Melbourne, the U.S.A, Sydney and Dubai, her fashion experience extends over the past fifteen years and counting in writing, design/product development and production. Constantly evolving her design aesthetic and honing her sewing and basic pattern making skills, Natasa demonstrates her flair for creativity in the garments she creates or designs.

Her dresses have been worn by many fashion bloggers such as Winton Avenue in Sydney, Big brother housemate Tahan Lew and Micah Gianneli to name a few...

Natasa has also taught various Fashion courses online and in Melbourne and has a passion for consulting emerging brands and designers in the area. She currently teaches in Melbourne, consults locally whilst creating her designs for PITRA.