PITRA is committed to making a difference in the Fashion world, an industry that is under the microscope when it comes to the subject of sustainability. The truth is we cannot be 100% Sustainable but we can work towards positive change for the people and environment by partaking in small steps in our design process to ensure this and below are some of our steps we are taking...

1.RAW MATERIALS – Making sure all fabric is used up in production with dead stock and stock fabrics, thus not creating new fabrications but using what we have already out there that will save extra machinery and Co2 being dispersed into our world. Also sourcing fabrics that could be recycled or renewable and that don’t harm our planet. Further information coming for AW2024 collection… we have some exciting new materials to introduce!

2.PEOPLE - PITRA is proud to be mostly Melbourne made, working with local ethical factories and artisans to ensure the right payment and treatment of all experts in the manufacturing world are taken care of. In addition, when working offshore, enabling ways of making sure this is practised by long created relationships in the industry and only partnering with certified factories that have the same goals as PITRA. Our priority has always been the people, as this is how the planet will be improved if we take care of the people in it no matter where they are from.

3.QUALITY over QUANTITY – Our believe is NOT fast fashion, therefore we only produce what we can sell, hence our quantities in production are not high, to not only give you the best quality but also to not mass produce as we believe Fashion should be bespoke and we believe all our customers are one of a kind, so by treating the process this way we do less harm to the world and get to make you feel amazing in your new piece!

4.ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING – All orders placed on our website are sent from our Melbourne warehouse. Each order is carefully packed into a compostable shipping satchel before dispatch. All labelling is recycled and recyclable.

5.THE FUTURE – We are working on further integrations of all aspects of the business to further our involvement to a more circular industry and look forward to sharing more with you soon….